NamePandely (Michael) Salvago, 9G Grandson
Birth7 Mar 1847, Syros, Greece/Hellenes
Death15 Mar 1895, Paris, France
Note 1He is reported by The Times of 1907 as attending the funeral of his brother-in-law Stephanos (Constantine) Musurus, Ottoman ambassdor to London... but the days do not fit...
MotherEmilie (Nicolas) Salvago (1826-1905)
Marriage3 Aug 1881, Paris, France
SpouseEleni ‘Hélène’ (John) Antoniadi
Birth2 Oct 1861, Alexandria, Egypt
Death10 Apr 1893, Paris, France
Note 1Or Antoniadis.
FatherSir John Antoniadi (?-?)
MotherChariclea Eustratiou (?-?)
1 FChariclea (Pandely) Salvago, 10G Granddaughter
Birth29 Apr 1888, Alexandria, Egypt
Death17 Jan 1971, Paris 16e, France
Death MemoAnother source suggests 1956.
SpousePierre (Emmanuel) Rodocanachi , 11G Grandson
Marriage22 Jun 1907, Paris, France
ChildrenHélène Marie (Théodore) (1911-1939)
SpouseTheodore (Emmanuel) Rodocanachi , 11G Grandson
Marriage28 Oct 1926, Paris, France
2 FEmilie (Pandely) Salvago, 10G Granddaughter
Birth20 Nov 1883, Alexandria, Egypt
SpousePandely (George) Psycha , 10G Grandson
Marriage29 Nov 1903, Paris, France
3 MMichel (Pandely) Salvago, 10G Grandson
Birth2 Aug 1882, Marseille, France
Death4 Feb 1933, Leysins, Switzerland
Marriage2 Jul 1926, Alexandria, Egypt
ChildrenJean (Michel) (1929-)
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