NameTheodore (Augustis) Rodocanachi ?, 9G Grandson
Birth1 Jun 1848, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death23 Feb 1893, Paris, France
Note 1(Sepsis)
Marriage16 Oct 1875, Alexandria, Egypt
SpouseChariklea (Ioannis) Sinadino, 9G Granddaughter
Birth6 Nov 1858, Alexandria, Egypt
Deathaft 1902
Death MemoAnother source says 1893 but she attended her son’s marriage in 1902.
Note 1According to Tino Synadino she had a first husband Themistocles Rodocanachi (children Henri and Georges) and a second husband called Pinto (this second marriage not known to Argenti).
Other spouses--- Pinto
Birth12 Aug 1876, Alexandria, Egypt
Death4 Jul 1939, Paris, France
SpouseMarietta (Dimitrios) Negroponte , 10G Granddaughter
Marriage14 Jun 1902, Paris, France
Married MemoDate banns published 1 Jun 1902.
ChildrenJean Dimitri (Augustis) (1903-1937)
Birth15 Aug 1879, Paris, France
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