NamePaul (Emmanuel) Rodocanachi, 9G Grandson
Birth1815, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death16 May 1891, Marseille, France
Note 1(Vlachou) Presumably the founder/head of the firm P & Th. Rodocanachi (Marseille), a semi-autonomous branch of the inter-dependent Rodocanachi trading houses.
Note 2Is it his portrait (perhaps by Mottez) which appears over the mantlepiece in a photograph of his home in Liverpool reproduced by Timotheos Catsiyannis, 'The Greek community in London', London, 1993, p.196.
Note 3The first of the Greek community of Marseille to become a member of the Chambre de Commerce de Marseille (1852).
FatherEmmanuel (Paul) Rodocanachi (1789-1855)
Marriage25 Nov 1841, Livorno, Italy/Tuscany
SpouseIoanna 'Zennou' (Emmanuel) Rodocanachi
Birth18 Mar 1822, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death5 Jul 1891, Paris, France
Note 1(Vlachou)
FatherEmmanuel (Pandely) Rodocanachi (1794-1865)
MotherOriettou (Michael) Vlasto (1802-1822)
Birth24 Jul 1847, Marseille, France
Death8 Nov 1894, London, England
Marriage14 Nov 1865, Marseille, France
ChildrenGeorge Pandely (Pandely) (1866-1930)
 Paul (Pandely) (1869-1947)
 Marie (Pandely) (1874-1911)
 Jenny (Pandely) (1875-?)
Birth27 Sep 1842, Marseille, France
Death13 Nov 1900, Paris, France
SpouseMaria (Theodore) Rodocanachi , 9G Granddaughter
Marriage15 Jun 1869, Marseille, France
Married MemoAccording to marriage certificate. Another source says married 1859 - improbable.
ChildrenTheodore (Emmanuel) (1875-1927)
 Paul (Emmanuel) (1872-1911)
 Jenny (Emmanuel) (1870-1930)
3 FAlexandra (Paul) Rodocanachi, 10G Granddaughter
Birth3 Aug 1856, Marseille, France
Death19 Apr 1947, Paris, France
Marriage20 Nov 1875, Marseille, France
ChildrenMichael (Athanasios) (?-?)
Birth3 Nov 1849, Marseille, France
Death25 Mar 1920, Paris 16e, France
Birth27 Mar 1845, Marseille, France
Death20 Dec 1925, Paris, France
Marriage28 Sep 1871, Marseille, France
ChildrenPaul (Theodore) (1872-?)
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