NameDr Georges (Constantine) Rodocanachi MBE LdH FM, 11G Grandson
Birth27 Feb 1876, Sefton House, Sefton Park, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, England
Birth MemoHouse now demolished... 27 Feb 1876, according to Buchenwald Register; birth was registered in Lancashire spring 1876. Argenti says 27 Feb 1875.
Death1944, Buchenvald Concentration Camp, Germany
Death MemoTortured and left to die of pneumonia.
Baptism5 Apr 1876, Greek Church of St Nicholas, Liverpool, England
God-parentsAmbrose Sechiari [his grandfather].
OriginChios. Liverpool.
Note 1(Sakoleva) A founder of Pat Line escape network (1940-43) for Allied escapers & evaders in Occupied France. British Consul in Marseilles. Born British but took French nationality in order to serve in the French army on the Somme in 1916.
Note 2MBE, Chevalier du Légion d’Honneur, Freedom Medal.
Note 3In addition to aiding Allied escapers and evaders in France in WWll, he was able to ‘fix’ the safe passage of numerous Jews to the USA.
Note 4Among the Jews he helped was I. V. Hessen, a Russian emigre to Berlin who published the Russian language newspaper 'Rul'/Rudder, edited by the father of Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov. Hessen published V. V. Nabokov's early/if not first works.
Marriage22 Jun 1907, St Sophia, Moscow Road, Bayswater, London, England
Married MemoChurch records say 9 Jun 1907. Argenti says 22 Jun 1907, London. Paddington Registrar’s office says 20 Jun 1907.
SpouseFanny Marie Nathalie (Ernest) Vlasto MBE LdH FM °
Birth28 Nov 1884, 69 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris 8e, France
Death13 Apr 1959, St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London, England
Death MemoCancer.
Burial1959, Greek Orthodox Cemetery, West Norwood, London, England
Note 1A founder of Pat Line (1940-43) for Allied escapers & evaders in Occupied France. Lost her French nationality on her marriage; reacquired 16 Apr 1916 when her husband became French in order to serve the French army.
Marr. WitnessFanny Zarifi (her grandmother) and I. M. Zarifi (John Michael Zarifi, her uncle).
Note 2MBE, Chevalier du Légion d’Honneur, Freedom Medal.
FatherErnest Michel (Dimitri) Vlasto (1848-1900)
MotherHelen (Michael) Zarifi (1860-1946)
Birth2 Apr 1908, Marseille, France
DeathSep 1981, Geneva, Switzerland
Marriage18 Jul 1935, Oggebio, Italy
Married MemoAccording to The Times 19 Jul 1935. Another source says 22 Jun 1935. The signing of the marriage certificate apparently took place at the Consulat General of France, in Alexandria, 22 Jun 1935.
Divorce2 Jul 1954, Marseille, France
Divorced MemoAccording to annotation on birth certificate.
Marriageaft 1954
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