NameSir Lucas (Eustratius) Ralli 1st Baronet, 9G Grandson
Birth30 Mar 1846, London, England
Death5 May 1931, Zurich, Switzerland
Death MemoIn a nursing home.
Burial9 May 1931, Greek Orthodox Cemetery, West Norwood, London, England
Burial MemoAccording to The Times (London) 11 May 1931. Service at St Sophia, Moscow Road, Bayswater, London, England. Patrick Streeter says 15 May 1931.
Baptism14 May 1846, Chapel of Our Saviour, Finsbury Circus, City of London, England
OccupationDirector of Ralli Brothers. Listed in 1913 as a member of the Baltic Exchange (representing Ralli Brothers, of 25 Finsbury Circus, City of London).
EducationHarrow. Trinity College, Cambridge.
Note 1(Chaviara-Axeskoufotos) 1st Baronet, created 8 Feb 1912. He and his wife gave a silver trowel to St Sophia Church, London, which had been used by his father to lay the church's foundation stone in 1877.
Note 2Joined Ralli Brothers in 1879 on the death of his brother John. Retired in 1892 and returned to the firm in 1902 and died in harness in 1931 aged 85. It was he who abandoned the American cotton business in 1903.
Note 3His first 'retirement' coincided with the arrival as directors of Theodore Anthony Vlasto and Ambrose Pandia Ralli who then died. Stephen P. Schilizzi (d. 26 Jun 1886) and Alexander Anthony Vlasto became partners in Ralli Brothers in 1879.
Note 4A letter dated 1 Jan 1902 tells St Sophia’s church that Lucas and Mr Eumorfopoulos (George?) have rejoined the firm which will now increase its financial support of the church. Knight of the Order of The Saviour. Officer of the Order of St Sepulchre.
Note 4Owner of a Rolls-Royce no. 2383 when he was already a baronet. He left estate of £2,172,000.
God-parentsMarietta Ralli.
Marriage4 Dec 1873, Marseille, France
SpouseEugenia 'Jenny' (Leonidas) Argenti
Birth8 Nov 1854, Paris, France
Death7 Apr 1935, London, England
Burial MemoFurneral service at St Sophia’s, Moscow Road.
Note 1(Chadzi-Leonidi) Her estate amounted to £397,070 (net) in 1935. Janie L. Ralli gave £400 towards a mosaic seraphim at St Sophia's - other contributors included Mrs Alexandra P. Ralli £400 and Mrs Mary T. Ralli £300.
FatherLeonidas ‘Leoni’ (Pandély) Argenti (1823-1882)
MotherJulia (Augustus) Ralli (1830-1922)
1 FMary ‘Mamie’ (Lucas) Ralli, 10G Granddaughter
Birth12 Aug 1875, NYC, USA
Death24 Dec 1961, London, England
Marriage20 Jul 1895, St Sophia, Moscow Road, Bayswater, London, England
ChildrenAlexandra (Peter) (1896->1935)
 Lionel Peter (Peter) (1897-1918)
 Mabel Janie (Peter) (1899-1922)
Birth14 Jul 1876, NYC, USA
Death12 Nov 1964
Marriage25 Jan 1915, London, England
ChildrenGodfrey Victor (Strati) (1915-2010)
 Diana Myrtle (Strati) (1918-2001)
 Lucas John (Strati) (1920-2003)
3 FJulia (Lucas) Ralli, 10G Granddaughter
Birth15 Nov 1877, Cannes, France
Death13 Oct 1952, London, England
Marriage11 Jan 1896, St Sophia, Moscow Road, Bayswater, London, England
ChildrenAlexandra Helen (Stephen) (1904-1988)
4 FZenni 'Jenny' (Lucas) Ralli, 10G Granddaughter
Birth1 Nov 1881, London, England
Death28 Sep 1959
Death MemoSturdza says 1956.
Marriage21 Jan 1905, St Sophia, Moscow Road, Bayswater, London, England
Birth31 May 1884, London, England
Death20 Apr 1917, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Never married
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