NameLeonidas (Zanni) Chrissoveloni
Birth7 Mar 1854, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Birth MemoSturdza says 7 Apr 1854.
Death1945, Johannesburg, South Africa
Note 1He and Alexandra were spendthrifts. When the money ran out, Léonidas left his wife for South Africa.
Note 2His gambling was subsidised by his brother Nicolas and nephew Zanni. When Zanni withdrew funding, Leonidas moved to South Africa, becoming a mounted ‘money courier’.
Note 3He was apparently ambushed and killed (at aged of 90?). A Leonidas Chryssoveloni held the long-jump record for South Africa.
FatherZannis (Manoli) Chrissoveloni (1805-1887)
MotherChriséis ‘Chryssie’ Lascarakis (1809-1879)
Marriage26 Nov 1885, Braïla, Romania
SpouseAlexandra (Theodore) Sechiari, 10G Granddaughter
Birth29 Jan 1866, Marseille, France
Death1951, Paris, France
Note 1Like her husband, a spendthrift. She brought up the children after her divorce from Leonidas with financial support from Leonidas’ brother Nicolas who felt responsible and later Jean & Sybille.
Note 2Sybille continued the payments to Alexandra after Jean’s death until the two had a row. She was then supported by her son-in-law George.
Birth19 Aug 1887, Braïla, Romania
Death15 Sep 1976, St Malo, Bretagne, France
Marriage31 Jul 1911, Greek Church, Paris, France
ChildrenMarie-Yvonne (Georges) (1912-)
 Jean (Georges) (1922-)
Birth11 May 1889, Braïla, Romania
Death20 Aug 1920, Câmpeni, Romania
Death MemoSturdza says 21 Aug 1920.
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