NameLeonidas Pandely ‘Leon’ (Pandely) Argenti, 9G Grandson
Birth1 Jun 1882, London, England
Death22 Feb 1956, Marseille, France
Baptism6 Jul 1882, St Sophia, Moscow Road, Bayswater, London, England
OccupationCaptain (Reserve).
EducationMarlborough, England. University College Oxford.
Note 1Officer of the Order of The Saviour and of St Sepulchre. Captain in the British army in WWl on the Macedonian front. Gold Medal for Bravery (Serbia). Portrait in the Koraïs Library, Chios. Honorary citizen of Chios in 1920.
God-parentsLeonidas P. Argenti (represented by Eugenia L. Ralli).
MotherFanny (Ioannis) Schilizzi (1854-1926)
Marriage23 Jul 1914, Marseille, France
SpouseHélène Olga 'Nellie' (Etienne) Zarifi °
Birth30 May 1891, Marseille, France
Death8 Dec 1979, Marseille, France
FatherStephane George 'Etienne' (George) Zarifi (1863-1894)
MotherMarika Anagnostaki (?-?)
1 FFanny (Leonidas) Argenti, 10G Granddaughter
Birth20 Jul 1915, Marseille, France
Birth25 Oct 1918, Marseille, France
Deathabt 1990, Marseille, France
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