NameAmbrose Leonidas (Leonidas) Argenti
Birth15 Aug 1804, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death2 Mar 1871, London, England
Burial11 Mar 1871, Greek Orthodox Cemetery, West Norwood, London, England
Burial MemoIn the Ambrose Argenti family vault.
OccupationMerchant. Head of the Argenti family firm. Presumably a partner (founder?) of Argenti Sechiari & Co., of Finsbury Circus, London?
OriginChios. British citizenship 13 Feb 1849.
Note 1(Chadzi-Leonidi) His portrait by G. F. Watts R.A. (1861) hangs in the Koraïs Museum, Chios. He gave in 1849 a pair of English made silver candlesticks to St Sophia Church, London.
Note 2Martin Hopkison says that his portrait, which he thinks is by Victor Mottez, is reproduced in ‘The Greek Orthodox Church in London’ by Michael Connstantinides (Oxford 1933).
Note 3Senior partner and founder of Argenti, Schilizzi & Co (formerly Argenti, Sechiari & Co., founded before 1844). Churchwarden of the church of Our Saviour and one of its trustees in 1849.
Note 4One of the three trustees who signed the contract on 1849 for the land on which the Greek Church at London Wall was built. One of the oldest, most esteemed and respected members of the Baltic Exchange.
Note 5The 1841 England Census reports the household living at 43 Finsbury Circus, London: Ambroise Argenti, 35, merchant; [his wife] Henrietta, 20, both foreign born; [their daughter] Mary Argenti, 9 months, born in England...
Note 5... Pandia Argenti, 40, merchant [possibly Pandia Leonidas (Leonidas) Argenti]; Stephen Sechiari, 25, Ambroise Sechiari, 25; John Sechiari, 20; all four merchants; and Nicolas Scaramanga, 15, border, all five foreign born; and four servants.
FatherLeonidas Pandely (Pandely) Argenti + (1743-1822)
MotherMarouko (Augustus) Sechiari (1767-1849)
Marriage12 Sep 1839, Vienna, Austria
SpouseOriettou ‘Henrietta’ (Georges) Scaramanga, 9G Granddaughter
Birth2 Jun 1820, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death17 Dec 1903, London, England
Death MemoArgenti says 18 Dec 1903, London.
Burial21 Dec 1903, Greek Orthodox Cemetery, West Norwood, London, England
Note 1(Coco) Also referred to as Harietta.
FatherGeorge (Nicolas) Scaramanga (1788-1856)
1 FMarigo (Ambrose) Argenti, 10G Granddaughter
Birth5 Sep 1840, London, England
Death26 Jan 1879, Paris, France
Death MemoArgenti says 27 Jan.
Marriage14 Jun 1862, Church of Our Saviour, London Wall, City of London, England
 Alexandros (Nicolas) (1868-1869)
 Ioulia (Nicolas) (1864-1864)
 Alexander (Nicolas) (1870-1934)
2 FVierou (Ambrose) Argenti, 10G Granddaughter
Birth14 Apr 1842, London, England
Death10 May 1902, London, England
Death MemoGrave named Vera.
Marriage11 Jun 1863, Church of Our Saviour, London Wall, City of London, England
ChildrenMina (Michael) (1865-1865)
 George (Michael) (1876-1925)
3 FMarietta (Ambrose) Argenti, 10G Granddaughter
Birth26 Oct 1843, London, England
Death11 Feb 1924, London, England
Marriage30 Jun 1863, Church of Our Saviour, London Wall, City of London, England
ChildrenGeorge Paraskeva (Paraskeva) (1864-1951)
 Marigo (Paraskeva) (1865-1963)
 Marietta (Paraskeva) (1868-1868)
 Virginie (Paraskeva) (1872-1892)
 Mina (Paraskeva) (1876-1967)
Birth31 May 1847, London, England
Birth MemoMetaxa says 19 May 1847
Death23 Feb 1931, London, England
SpouseArghyro (Theodore) Sechiari , 10G Granddaughter
Marriage4 Jun 1872, Marseille, France
 Maria (George) (1875-?)
Birth19 May 1846, London, England
Death10 Oct 1890, Brighton, Sussex, England
SpouseAlexandra (Dimitrios) Petrocochino , 9G Granddaughter
Marriage8 Jan 1881, St Sophia, Moscow Road, Bayswater, London, England
Married MemoArgenti says 6 Jan 1881.
ChildrenAmbrose (Leonidas) (1882-1950)
6 MPandely (Ambrose) Argenti, 10G Grandson
Birth26 Jan 1853, London, England
Death4 Jul 1885, London, England
Marriage19 Feb 1878, Marseille, France
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