NamePandia (Michel) Agelasto
Birth7 Feb 1824, Marseille, France
Death16 Sep 1871, Marseille, France
Burial1871, Saint Pierre Cemetery, Marseille, France
Note 1Concerning ‘Rue Agelasto’ in Marseilles, the Dictionnaire Historique de Rues de Marseille (1989) says “sa position sociale, son mariage laisse supposer un homme ayant des biens”.
FatherMichel (Pandia) Agelasto (1793-1853)
MotherArghyro (Dimitrios) Petrocochino (1801-1849)
Marriage1854, Odessa, Ukraine
SpouseIphigenia (Theodore) Rodocanachi, 9G Granddaughter
Birth31 May 1834, Odessa, Ukraine
Death26 Jul 1895, Marseille, France
Burial1895, Saint Pierre Cemetery, Marseille, France
Note 1Honoured in Odessa 1832. In the 1881 Census she was recorded as sharing 20 Boulevard Longchamp with her brother-in-law Dimitrios (1874-84), her daughter and sons Michel (1881, 1888-92) and Theodore (1893-95) along with four servants.
FatherTheodore (Paul) Rodocanachi (1797-1882)
1 MMichel (Pandia) Agelasto, 10G Grandson
Birth14 Apr 1855, Marseille, France
Death3 Mar 1890, Alexandria, Egypt
Birth4 Jul 1856, Marseille, France
Birth MemoArgenti says 5 Jul 1856.
Death15 Jan 1934, Marseille, France
Marriage28 Dec 1897, Paris, France
Married MemoArgenti incorrectly says 28 Oct 1887, Paris)
ChildrenGeorges (Theodore) (1891-1979)
 Jeanne (Theodore) (1892-1979)
 Marie (Theodore) (1896-1992)
Death29 Oct 1857, Marseille, France
Birth1 Mar 1864, Marseille, France
Birth MemoArgenti says 3 Mar 1864.
Death12 Apr 1865, Marseille, France
5 FArghyro (Pandia) Agelasto, 10G Granddaughter
Birth24 Aug 1865, Marseille, France
Marriage20 Dec 1890, Marseille, France
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